Watch Dogs 2 Review

ReviewUbisoft failed to create lightening in a bottle with its first entry (Watch Dogs) This franchise has intriguing ideas for gameplay but does it captivate a fantastic narrative to entice its audience? Let’s begin.


You are Marcus Holloway, a young man who is the embodiment of the anti establishment figure. His only desire is to crush the malicious corporations and to cripple the governments spying infrastructure. Ubisoft takes on the cyber hacking world in a comedic fashion.
Unfortunately, when Marcus joins Deadsec the game starts to becoming oversaturated with memes, parodies and a mission structure that takes too much time. Deadsec seems directionless. They wander the streets causing chaos and devastation for one reason, and its to bring back privacy and equality for all.

ReviewMissions are fun and offer different challenges to overcome. It’s quite tragic that the story over stays its welcome. At some point the members of Deadsec become annoying and in many ways they become everything that they despise.

Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t have a villain. Dušan Nemec is suppose to be a hateful antagonist, but he just comes off as pretentious nag that shows up randomly to belittle his opposition.


Ubisofts recreation of San Francisco in video game form is insanely beautiful well crafted, and it’s a sight to behold over and over again. Unlike Watch Dogs 1, the city oozes with color and charisma. Citizens react to the things that happen inside this silly chaotic world. The main characters are well voiced acted and carry a humorous tone that can be endearing but slowly becomes an unnerving nuisance.



The activities in Watch Dogs 2 feel like they belong in this world. Drone Races, Go Karting, selfies, and plenty of other activities are insanely fun and worth the time.
ReviewUbisoft has provided 2 options to take on missions, and enemies. Stealth has plenty of options to tackle your opposition. With a huge amount of toys, and weapons at you disposal you will never run out of creative ways to play.
Or you can choose the chaotic route of mass destruction. Each gun, and explosives send a powerful message and feel very comfortable when being used.
Although this option carries a heavy price. Reinforcements come in quickly. If it’s a gang or the Police they will pursue until you are dead, or if you can successfully avoid their pursuit in a timely manner. Ubisoft has created one of the best open world games.
Customizations to your gear, weapons, and clothes is well done. The amount of variety is on another level compared to Watch Dogs 1.

ReviewOverall Impression:

Ubisoft has made the jump from producing an average game to a great game with its sequel. Watch Dogs 2 provides a product with a vibrant, colorful, zany, chaotic world that entices the user in many areas. However its cast of characters become overwhelming and the story drags on for far too long. I would easily recommend this game for anyone who wants to mute their brain and cause mayhem.


  • Open World
  • Visuals
  • Activities
  • Customizations


  • Story Inconsistencies


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