NCAA Football 14 Review

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Every Saturday we gallantly rush to our TV’s in hopes of seeing our favorite teams rush to the end, and is crowned the national champion. Until we will write our dynasty with EA’s College Football series. The NCAA Football franchise has been a hit or miss in recent years. However, this year has been the most robust entry to date. Can it actually live up to the hype? Or will it become a massive blunder as the franchise comes to an end?


Graphically, the game has stayed the same for years. The visuals have reached it’s peak on the last gen consoles. Crowds seem bland, and generic. However, subtle changes to the crowds have them singing th classic “OH OH OH OHHHHH” This adds a little more suspense when trying to accomplish a successful drive.

Stadium sounds are similar to what you will hear every saturday on TV. Kirk Herbstreit, and Brad Nessler are back with the same dialogue that has plagued the series for a long time. The back and forth banter doesn’t feel natural, and it will often take you away from being fully invested in the game. Players are like zombies when giving pre game speeches, and are calling audibles, and celebrating. The lack of realism is something that most players have adjusted to by now, but new players to the franchise will notice this, and will be turned off by such awkwardness.

Menus have been giving the streamline treatment, as previous titles had vital information buried deep within sub menus. Game companies have really tried to make these ideal, and simplistic. For the most part, it succeeds here.


This is hard to stomach, but passing in this years version is a catastrophic problem that makes you want to throw your entire body into the wall. Along with throwing your controller inside a river. Something so simple, has been destroyed by new “realistic” animations. I thought maybe I was out of touch when it comes to the new gameplay. Nope. It’s broken. I popped in the NCAA Football 13 disc into the tray and loaded up a Heisman difficulty game, and the same passes were being completed with a good amount of accuracy. NCAA Football had it’s own unique flavor unrivaled by it’s older brother Madden.

Now it seems like with each year, the game is exactly like it’s sibling, with a slight paint job to cover up it’s real identity. Running the ball has improved dramatically, as the intuitive blocking schemes are a welcomed addition. However, it has it’s faults. You will get stuck behind your offensive linemen, or a full back, because of the faulty animations on that certain play. These animations break the game as you are forced to become one dimensional. This defeats the purpose of playing the game of football.

Dynasty mode is back with minimal changes. Recruiting is the same tedious chore that has you building your future power house for years to come. However, this year EA has sucked the personality out of it by dumbing down the process. Each week you will place a certain amount of points into the talent you’re pursuing, and that will unlock a visit to your school. At that point you’re almost guatenteed to snag that prospect away from competing schools.

Ultimate Team mode is new this year. It brings a new level to the college fantasy. You will be given starter packs with average players and one elite player. You will have an option to build a stronger roster by getting medals in the tutorial section when you start up the game.

Progression through this mode is rewarding, as it is satisfying. You will take on former Heisman greats, while taking on greatest players from all the conferences in the game. Accomplishing this will give coins, which can make your team a whole lot better.

Online: This mode has been left alone for years. Except that a couple achievements require you to indulge in a clunky, laggy mess.


This game took everything we loved in prior versions and tweaked it to a catastropic level. As the series comes to an end, you should remember those wonderful times that NCAA Football gave you. Electronic Arts has been slowly on the decline for years. Companies who continue to ship out broken products, should be banished from entering your home via Consoles, PC’s, and Mobile Devices.


  • Crowd Sounds
  • Improved Running Game
  • Presentation


  • Bland Graphics
  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Broken Passing Game
  • Laggy Online
  • Recruiting
  • No Innovation


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