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After the hellacious debacle that was released last year gamers felt a huge amount of disdain towards Ubisoft. Assassins Creed has had a lot of highs but more recently it has far too many lows. AC Syndicate tries to put the franchise back on track and give the fans a compelling product.


You are Evie and Jacob Frye, twin assassins trying to continue their fathers work while balancing the wants of the creed. The personalities between the two create different scenarios. An associate writes to the twins and asks for help to take down the corrupted leaders in London.
When you arrive you’ll be aquatinted with the Blighters and the Clinkers. The Clinkers are the only rivals left to desperately to turn the fight around. The Frye twins offer their assistance to the ailing depleted gang.Assassin's Creed® Syndicate (6)



So at this point Jacob and Evie has taken over the gang and rebranded them as the Rooks. Now is where the story begins.

Each section of the map is a territory you must conquer in order to take down the boss. The boss is a key piece to the main antagonists puzzle. Each missing piece slowly affects the overall business of Starrick enterprises.

The story is straight forward linear experience. Evie has the mind set of preserving the ideas of the Creed while Jacob just wants to fight anyone who opposes him and his gang The dynamic between the two is witty, clever, and often humorous. Jacob takes on the majority of the assassination missions while Evie takes on the tailing and finding pieces of Eden.

The modern story is tolerable and isn’t as insulting as it was in Unity. Unfortunately, you’re another random initiate accessing memories for the higher ups. You will watch your assassin buddies try to take artifacts from the Templars via drone camera footage.
Ubisoft keeps trying to dangle the preverbal carrot in front of it’s loyal fans to invoke the feeling of hope, yet when you purchase the next Assassins Creed you shortly realize the story keeps vanishing little by little and that’s when they pull the carrot away swiftly.

Assassin's Creed® Syndicate (7)Presentation:

At first glance you will realize that this world in AC Syndicate is a very dark, brown gritty, steam blowing, uninteresting place. The time frame in which this game is set in shows us a different side of beauty. Ubisoft’s historical accuracy is phenomenal and the minor details to buildings and other objects are superb.
Main characters and side characters in this game often look tremendous and make the world stand out even more when compared to other games in this medium.

Members of the Rooks and Blighters are exactly the same. The variety stops with the color of the shirts.

Voice acting is top notch and is one of Ubisofts strengths. Each iteration of a franchise is carefully refined and tuned to the point of perfection. (Knock on wood)


As a stealth game it’s very hard to praise Ubisoft’s effort. It’s lacking true competent and a world that is built around sneaking. NPC’s still react in an odd manner when murders occur and when the main character scales building.

If we judge this as a nonsensical action adventure game with great characters and a mundane story it has legs to stand on.

The parkour system is still one of the most fascinating contributions to gaming. Scaling famous landmarks throughout the world provides a sensational feeling that cant be duplicated. It occasionally has it’s hiccups. You’ll will be frustrated when trying to get to a certain location, and poor animations can lead to a failed mission.
Combat has seen much improvement. It flows like an easier Batman game. It’s a system that is based around combos. Unfortunately, it still feels a tad bit sluggish when trying to execute certain enemies. Kill animations are gruesomely awesome. Evie has the best looking kills when it comes to her using a cane.Assassin's Creed® Syndicate

Content wise Ubisoft still lives and dies by bombarding it’s players with a plethora amount of content that can be enjoyed. You still have your collectibles that are only worth it if you’re chasing adventures. In AC Syndicate I became overwhelmed with everything else I couldn’t find myself going through most of the side content that is provided.

Street races throughout London sounds fun on paper, but Ubisoft continues to make driving in any of their titles unnaturally dysfunctional, and a chore to play through.
Fight club is engaging when you have the right skills. It’s a battle against 4 waves of enemies.

Overall Impression:

Assassins Creed Unity is a fantastic entry into the series but has holes bigger than the Grand Canyon. It struggles with presenting a compelling story for it’s fanbase and a sensical stealth game. The game also suffers from this consistent need to pump unlocks for unlocks. It’s this kind of greed that makes the users frustrated. It needs to find balance with quality over quantity. Ubisoft announced that they’re taking a break from the yearly release and with that being said we should hope to see the wheels back on the track and a return to greatness.




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